Yamaha’s Track-Ready R7 Unleashes Supersport Middleweight Performance

Joining Yamaha’s supersport lineup in 2021, the all-new YZF-R7 revives middleweight power and agility to dominate circuits and delight ride enthusiasts. Built off proven R-series racing engineering refined through the category-leading YZF-R6, the R7 supplies ultra-responsive handling and formidable velocity for tackling corners and straightaways with equal glee both on the track and winding public roads.

Blending Yamaha’s MotoGP and World Supersport Championship expertise into a lightweight, aerodynamic chassis, the R7 signatures thrilling acceleration runs to go with pacing changes, projectile cornering lines and grin-inducing rider feedback lap after lap.

This sharp-handling thrill machine reasserts Yamaha’s prowess building bikes that live at the apex.

Racing Roots Forged on the Track

Carrying forward the supersport ethos prioritizing control and responsiveness over raw horsepower alone, Yamaha leveraged insights from famed YART and GRT WorldSBK factory teams into the R7’s rider-centric design. This track-honed pedigree imbues confidence across all skill levels.

Legendary R Series DNA

Arising as an indirect descendant of the category-dominating YZF-R6, the R7 receives the same weight-saving focus and reinforced chassis fortifying that supersport icon’s unmatched 18-year reign atop production middleweight series leaderboards.

MotoGP Technology Transfers

From forged aluminum Deltabox frames to beefy inverted front forks, MotoGP learnings enhance stability when attacking corners. An assisted slipper clutch derived from winning YZR-M1 prototypes delivers smoother downshifts and rear grip at jaw-dropping lean angles.

Insights From the Paddock

Working alongside its competitive factory race teams, Yamaha benefitted from rider feedback inevitably enhancing feel across variable conditions. This elite-level product testing ensures the production R7 remains unintimidating yet blisteringly quick when pushed by skilled pilots.

Supreme Handling and Composure

While rivals chase benchmark horsepower and acceleration metrics, Yamaha engineers optimized the R7 holistically – not just for straight line speed but intuitively fluid transitions, unflappable lines and adhesive cornering.

Featherweight Agility

Weighing just 188 kilograms fueled up, the R7 flicks into hairpin turns with minimal effort. Coupled to a compact, mass-centralized chassis, such light-footed maneuvers yield responsiveness mimicking far costlier exotic superbikes. Riders corner almost telepathically.

Surefooted Electronics Package

Yamaha’s refined electronics system featuring 6-axis IMUs sharpens handling precision across surfaces without sacrificing feel. Adjustable throttle maps, traction control, ABS and quick shift calibration prevent slipping while maintaining optimal rear grip out of turns.

Tuned Front End Feedback

Beefy, fully-adjustable KYB inverted forks up front telegraph surface conditions directly to the rider for intuiting traction limits. Stopping power from radially mounted brakes proves smooth yet strong across prolonged heavy use – ideal for track days.

695cc CP3 Engine Pushes Limits

While agility takes precedence over horsepower, the R7’s high-revving 4-cylinder engine delivers exhilarating pull throughout a deep powerband primed for straights and corner exits alike thanks to its crossplane technology.

High-Strung Powerplant

Tuned for the track, an aggressive 11,500 RPM redline hints at this engine’s appetite for extension. Jumping off corners, the 73 horsepower may seem limited against open-classers but proves deceptively quick with such minimal mass to accelerate.

Addictive Torque Delivery

While peaking under 50 ft-lbs, torque curves stay flat and predictable rather than suddenly spiking. Smooth power delivery enables carrying momentum even at lower RPMs. Extending the 67.3 pound-feet peak across more of the range amplifies real-world flexibility.

Crossplane Crankshaft Technology

This specially configured crank arrangement combats inertial torque for added stability when throttling hard through sweepers. Already intuitive slow speed handling thus becomes scalpel sharp blasting down straightaways – minimizing unwanted wheelies or side movement.

Blending razor sharp reflexes, unflappable composure at extreme lean angles and a high-revving powerplant, Yamaha’s all-new R7 proves a supremely balanced middleweight machine earning its supersport badge against pricier competition through sheer rideability and podium-worthy pace.

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